Choose An Agent Who Will Work For YOU

Bet On Success

If I were to tell you that I was making six figures while waiting for the phone to ring, you might accuse me of being a real estate agent. There's a perception that real estate agents are predatory, lazy and greedy. Once upon a time, there was some truth to that credence. 2008 was the comet that killed off the dinosaurs. After the collapse "drained the swamp", most agents left standing survived by providing exemplary service and solid marketing.

I survived because of clients like you. Your business is important to me, and I do everything possible to drive the most eye traffic to your home or property. Your home will be professionally photographed and listed on the MLS in a timely manner. A personalized marketing campaign will be designed to sell your home at the best possible price. When you check up on your home's progress, your call will be answered. No disappearing acts. No excuses. No nonsense.

What is your time worth? Do you want to get it sold? Put your trust in a proven track record, and become one of my success stories.


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The Selling Process

So you're ready to sell. Now what? First, enlist Jim Paris. Jim will guide you on the process towards determining the value of your home. Most websites (including this one) have market valuation tools designed to estimate your home's value. Don't get married to that number! Remember, it's only a rough guess. Determining your home's value will require an experienced real estate agent and/or appraiser.

Decisions that you'll need to address during the selling process include:

  • Assess: You'll need to realistically assess the physical state of your home.
  • Disclose: By law, you are required to reveal any material or latent defects.
  • Improve: You may find that performing upgrades or improvements might add value to your home.
  • Appraise: Your asking price can be further validated by hiring an appraiser.
  • Stage: You can increase your curb appeal by de-cluttering and preparing for photography and showing.

Your Marketing Campaign

The quicker your home sells, the quicker we ALL get paid. To that end, we'll tailor your marketing campaign towards driving the right buyers to the closing table. In over 30 years of marketing homes on Hilton Head Island, we've tried everything from print mailers to AM radio and balloons. The internet changed everything. Today, we focus our efforts on reaching the 95% of buyers who are searching for your home online. That's where the eyes are, and that's where your home is most likely to sell.